As a recent retiree from the Freeport Finance Department and previously serving as principal financial officer with the city of Portland, I feel the need to express concern for the citizens of Freeport and its employees over the recent resignation of Peter Joseph, town manager.

Any responsible town manager would never leave with impending budget creation, negotiation, oversight and ultimate implementation, but given the history of this manager, it comes as no surprise to anyone. Lack of leadership and management ability was so apparent as I witnessed this for eight years under this town manager, including  income-producing lease agreements expiring with no effort of renewal and a disregard for responding back to the townspeople and town employees regarding their concerns and questions. And yes, we all became frustrated with the lack of follow-up, sometimes waiting weeks for a critical answer or legal documents – time sensitive – to be signed.

To be hired at a salary of $175,000, along with a probable escalation clause for each of the three years contracted by the town of York (you can see more in the story at, is shocking. I’m positive there is a huge, silent sigh of relief from most town employees and many citizens I know. Good luck to the town of York. You are going to need it.

Todd Reynolds
New Gloucester

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