I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see Maine’s Republican House members oppose a measure giving support to Ukraine in its existential struggle against a hegemonic Russia.

The House Republicans paid lip service to the usual talking points about budgets and accountability and slippery slopes, but I can’t help but think there is something more insidious behind some of this opposition.

If one were, for some ungodly reason, in the market for a strongman to worship, Vladimir Putin certainly fits the bill. A man of unimpressive physical stature but of immense personal power. Mansions, mistresses, yachts and an estimated personal fortune in the billions of dollars. All very appealing to adolescent men of all ages.

With a phone call, Putin can send an entire army to do his bidding, as he has repeatedly. Putin has anyone who rubs him the wrong way exiled, jailed or killed. As antithetical to American values as all that is, there are some here who not-so-secretly wish something like that for themselves.

I hope that there are still people in the rank and file of the Republican Party who appreciate being able to oppose President Biden without fear of being locked in prison for 20 years or poisoned with polonium-tainted tea. Because in Putin’s Russia, there is no slandering his children. Or mocking his age or health. Or asking any questions about classified documents or laptops. There is only go along or go away. Why would any rational person want that for us?

Jeremy Smith
Old Orchard Beach

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