Portland Press Herald music writer Aimsel Ponti talks with Adam Gardner and Lauren Sullivan about their work for REVERB and more during a virtual conversation on Tuesday, April 25.

About Adam and Lauren

As a frontman of the band Guster and Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director of REVERB, Adam Gardner has long recognized the power of music to affect positive change. Since REVERB’s founding in 2004, Adam has been rallying and empowering his fellow musicians to use their platforms to create real, measurable change for people and the planet.

Touring steadily himself for decades, one of the prime motivators for starting REVERB was to help the music industry cross the chasm between intentions and actions when it came to its environmental footprint.  Whether from the back of his tour bus or our office in Maine, Adam’s daily work for REVERB consists primarily of working with artists and their managers and overseeing our projects and partnership teams.

In addition to his work with REVERB, Adam has been an outspoken environmental activist testifying to Congress on two separate occasions in support of important environmental legislation. He also helped lead groups of musicians to the rainforests of Guatemala and Peru to get a firsthand look at the effects of illegal logging on local and indigenous communities. Adam and REVERB were named Official Music and Public Engagement Partner to the United Nations Environment Programme in 2018.


As the Founder and Co-Executive Director of REVERB, Lauren Sullivan combined her lifelong passion for environmental activism with the power of music to create a nonprofit that has been leading the green music movement since 2004.

After focusing her early career on campaigning for Rainforest Network and organizing with Partnership for Parks, Lauren was moved to start REVERB to leverage the unrealized potential of live music to amplify the reach and impact of nonprofits that were doing crucial environmental work. By partnering with artists and engaging fans with a positive, solutions-focused message at concerts, she saw an opportunity to educate and empower thousands of people every year, inspiring countless concertgoers to take action in their own lives and alongside the nonprofits they were meeting at shows.

Nearly two decades later, Lauren continues to guide REVERB as it has expanded beyond fan engagement to also include comprehensive sustainability solutions for the music industry and artist outreach. Looking to empower more artists to become advocates, Lauren has helped lead groups of musicians to the rainforests of Guatemala and Peru to get a firsthand look at the effects of illegal logging on local and indigenous communities, as part of REVERB’s #NoMoreBloodWood campaign

With a strong focus on REVERB’s mission, Lauren directs the organization’s legal, financial, human resources, governance, and grant programs, while helping to chart a path for the future through effective partnerships.

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