I’m writing about the possibility of the South Portland City Council banning gas-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers, as well as the proposal to make us pay yet another tax to have our garbage picked up.

I don’t know where the city thinks we’re going to get the money. This amounts to no more than a big power grab.

Banning gas-powered lawn equipment? Who is going to buy all of us new, high-quality electric lawn mowers – that have non-recyclable lithium batteries, that are made with carcinogenic rare earth minerals by poorly paid people who have no protections or benefits? Do they know that a decent electric lawn mower will need to be recharged, raising our electric bill even more?

Just another virtue-signaling power grab from a plan using our tax money that could be better used elsewhere or just not taken from us.

If this nonsense is passed, I suggest civil disobedience: Keep your lawn mowers.

Kandi-Lee Hoy
South Portland

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