The family of Richard “Dick” Bibber would like to extend our thanks to the many people who reached out to comfort us during our recent loss.

We would like to extend our most sincere and profound gratitude to the Rev. Susan Townsley, the Rev. Carolyn Lambert and Father Fred Morse and all the musicians associated with the service, Director Brad Crowther and the entire staff of Bibber Memorial Chapel, Police Chief Bob MacKenzie, and the Kennebunk and Kennebunkport police and fire departments. A special thanks to Dr. Mike Festino for his 50-plus years of friendship, being a colleague and for his excellent medical care.

To our many colleagues and friends, thank you for their support and help, allowing our Bibber Memorial family to mourn together. We are overwhelmed by your extraordinary acts of generosity and kindness.

To those who waited at the funeral home to console and support us, to the many who came but were unable to wait, and to the many who attended the funeral, kindly know that we felt your love and support – you all touched our hearts in ways we cannot describe. Thank you.

The Bibber Family

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