Gorham Lions Club members Kenney Aldrich, left, and Terri Morin met with Kate Richardson, director of philanthropy at Maine Medical Center in Portland, last week to provide toys, games and art supplies for the young patients at the Barbara Bush Center. Contributed / Gorham Lions Club

GHS prom fundraiser

The Gorham High School Prom Committee is hosting a fundraiser selling bedsheets. Sets in five sizes and 15 colors are available for $40 each. Orders include fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillow cases.

To purchase a sheet set, email samantha.teixeira@gorhamschools.org. The fundraiser continues until April 14 and the sheets will arrive in May. For more information, visit ghs.gorhamschools.org.

50 years ago

According to the American Journal on March 28, 1973, Edna Dickey reported that someone threw a rock and smashed a picture window at her home on Route 237.

U.S. taxpayer debt

The Treasury Department reported on March 23 that the U.S. public debt was $31,461,290,165,584.75.

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