Proposed project doesn’t fit neighborhood

To the editor,

I oppose the application for Lincoln Village development (between Bradley Street and Lincoln Street) currently before the Saco
Planning Board because this project is simply not in Saco’s best interest. The project is exponentially out of scale to this neighborhood, will create profound safety and traffic issues, and does nothing to advance our goals of creating truly affordable housing.

In 2021, residents opposed a glaringly similar application (Flatley project) for this same undeveloped parcel. The planning board deliberations included considerations of all required discretionary approvals including public hearings; zoning code conformance; comp plan compliance; and their exercise of reasonable judgment to determine whether that application was worthy of entitlement.

The 2021 planning board, which included three members of the current board, unanimously denied that preliminary application based upon traffic and/or neighborhood compatibility.

With only four units less than the Flatley project, 92 more parking spaces, and an additional 400-plus units at Biddeford Gateway
since the Flatley denial, Lincoln Village should be denied as well. The potential end result is 1,700-plus units within one mile of another, all requiring neighborhood street access to the turnpike.


Additionally, no other bulk of 36 buildings of eight units each have been proposed or built in this area; therefore, no compatibility standard.

Based upon the standards of traffic and neighborhood compatibility, I believe this proposal has not met our ordinances nor
comp plan and this preliminary application should be denied.

The continued public hearing resumes May 9. Visit Save Saco Neighborhood’s FB page for more information.

Kelley Archer


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