The United States banned assault weapons in 1994. They were reinstated in 2004. Your newspaper carried a photo of a child sitting in a school bus after the Nashville school shooting. The child had an open hand at the window and was showing emotions of helplessness, fear and grief.

The U.S Senate chaplain said that we can no longer accept “thoughts and prayers” as the answer to the problem of mass killings with assault weapons. One major function of government is to protect society. Thoughts and prayers do not work.

Assault weapons were banned in 1994. That lasted until 2004 when the ban was overturned. Assault weapons were designed to kill as many people as possible in as short amount of time as possible. That weapon of mass destruction is for military use. The Second Amendment does not guarantee every citizen the right to bear these weapons.

Politicians need to step up. But for various reasons they do not. I am fully disgusted with them. But someone must do something. Your newspaper is the largest in the state. Please take a stand on assault weapons. The general public would support your stand, and the politicians would hear them, through your paper. Please do something. Please take a stand.

Thor Nilsen

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