The city of South Portland’s vision has been to preserve open spaces, encourage development of affordable housing and protect the working waterfront. We recognize the need to encourage young working adults to reside here and provide essential services. The Yard South development runs counter to this vision.

Developers have purchased 30 acres in the shipyard district. This area is urban-fill brownfield related to ongoing commercial use. The developer behind Yard South is seeking a contract zone for dense residential development. Draft information identifies 1,200 units, only a small percentage of them affordable.

Opposition to this plan is not NIMBY opposition, rather a plea to preserve Ferry Village from further gentrification. The current residents will be priced out when wealthy people move in, raising real estate values and taxes. We need safe affordable housing with open spaces and public access to attract essential workers. How will Yard South’s dense luxury residential development affect South Portland’s infrastructure? Schools, waste water treatment, traffic?

No contract zone, no zone change. The shipyard district needs to remain a commercial zone and a working waterfront. Don’t be misled. Contact City Council members.

Rachael Coleman
South Portland

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