As a lifelong journalist who has had an island home on Chebeague for more than 40 years, I have been an ardent reader and admirer of the Portland Press Herald. The paper has shown a true commitment to covering the state, from the lobsters to the Legislature. In an era of journalistic climate change when too many states and cities have become news deserts, Maine still flourishes.

But now our news environment is threatened, too.

Reade Brower is understandably now looking for a buyer. More importantly, we need a steward who will not only protect his legacy but, not to be too alarmist, also protect the state’s independence and maybe even our democracy.

Without news, we don’t know what is happening, and without that “knowing,” we are simply sunk.

Happily, the Maine Journalism Foundation, headed by the Press Herald’ own longtime voice, Bill Nemitz is stepping up to buy the papers that comprise Masthead Maine. They want to turn the daily and weeklies into a nonprofit enterprise – see – and, more importantly, a model to prove just what Mainers will do to protect our community.

So, here we are, at a ripe moment. It’s the time for all of us who have roots and pride in Maine to save our critical source of information and independence.

Ellen Goodman
Chebeague Island

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