I attended the Falmouth School Board meeting on May 15 and witnessed a display of elitism which I have not ever before seen from the board. I stood in line to present my comments in support of the professional educators represented by the Falmouth Education Association. As I waited to speak, I was shocked by the disrespect and arrogance the school board members cast onto a supporter of the educators; this person is a successful graduate of the Falmouth School District, a parent of Falmouth students, a very well respected community member and a person acutely aware of legal and administrative processes. The school board members interrupted, chastised, rang bells and more, all in an attempt to stop the presenter from completing the last paragraph of her well-thought-out, respectful and informed comments. The speaker was given 3 minutes and the paragraph may have taken an additional 20 seconds. A former school board member stood to read the last paragraph to a room of supporters for the educators.

I had such respect for the community members who took their time and energy to support the school system and community. I no longer have confidence in and respect the Falmouth School Board. The community elected the board to preserve high standards of education and to support the educators which are known to be the cornerstones of the Falmouth community. Their display of dismissiveness and arrogance makes me question their integrity and I have deep concerns about the future of the Falmouth school system as a whole, if this is the way they conduct meetings in a public forum.

I am a former Falmouth school nurse and business owner, and the proud parent of three Falmouth graduates and a community member of 25 years.

MaryBeth Bachman

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