FreeportCAN (Climate Action Now) is kicking off its Eat Plants Challenge with a community, plant-based meal at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 3, at Mallet Barn at Wolfe’s Neck Farm.

Earns Beyond Meat

Packages of Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burgers and Beyond Sausage, are displayed in a New York grocery story on April 29, 2021. FreeportCAN is challenging the community to turn one, two or three meat-based meals a week into plant-based meals. Richard Drew / AP file photo

This six-week event challenges participants to reduce their weekly meat-based meals by one, two or three meals a week. FreeportCAN will offer tasty recipes and tips to anyone who signs up for the pledge. To sign up for the pledge, visit

Eating less meat is a significant way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, FreeportCAN stated in a news release. One pound of beef produces 60 times more greenhouse gas than the equivalent amount of wheat or corn, according to an MIT Climate article. FreeportCAN claims many people underestimate the importance of meat and dairy to the climate crisis or are reluctant to give up meat because they think plant-based food is less tasty or doesn’t offer sufficient protein. The June 3 kickoff meal aims to change people’s minds.

Saturday’s event at Mallet Barn is free, family friendly and features a range of tasty plant-based meals provided by volunteers. There will also be music, face painting and a draw-your-own-veggie art table.

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