L.D. 1619, the abortion bill that is up for a vote soon, is presented by proponents as being about women’s reproductive rights and health care. It is about neither. A baby in the womb is an individual, separate from the mother, and ending the life of a human being is just that: ending a life. It is not health care.

This bill is merely a deadly and deeply flawed “fix” to a women’s real or perceived challenges. Abortion after viability will not fix an abusive relationship, cure a drug addiction, provide housing, address financial insecurity or cure whatever genetic disease may be present for Mom or baby. These problems will persist after the destruction of the baby.

Real solutions will address the woman’s challenges so that her child can live, either with her or in an adoptive home. Our lawmakers ought to work on improving these solutions, making them more easily accessed. As a women, a registered nurse and a mother with a child born after a prenatal diagnosis that commonly leads to abortion, I adamantly oppose L.D. 1619.

Maine can do better for women and babies.

Stacy Veevers-Carter
West Bath

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