I am sad to say LD 1619, abortion on demand, is now law in Maine. The good news is thousands of Maine citizens went to Augusta over a few months to give historic feedback to the elected Legislature. The bad news is our elected officials in the majority both did not listen to the people and, in fact, one leader allegedly said their attendance did not matter. In my advocating, I contacted local Sen. Tim Nangle.

I asked him to vote against LD 1619 and his (seemingly canned) response was something like the issue was between a women and her doctor, government should not get involved. OK, sure, if that is your core value, but it would appear the senator was really just doing his party’s and endorser Planned Parenthood’s bidding. Why do I say this? Well, in this session, there were at least 10 bills that would return control of vaccinations to the person, parent and worker and away from the government. Nangle voted against the individual each bill that I found. Meaning he voted for government.

We need leaders in Augusta who represent the people and their communities, not a lobby and not a party agenda. Good news about our representative republic system? We get another election in a bit over one year. Here is hoping someone interested in representing Senate District 26 steps up.

Mike McClellan

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