Cape Elizabeth residents will be asked in coming weeks how the town should move forward to address the aging infrastructure of the elementary and middle schools in the wake of last year’s defeat of a new school project.

Residents’ feedback is sought on how to address the aging infrastructure at Cape Elizabeth’s elementary and middle schools. File photo

The survey will help guide the town’s School Building Advisory Committee as it crafts a project for voters to consider in November 2024, according to Superintendent Chris Record.

“A key component of our work going forward is hearing from citizens,” Record said Thursday in an email to The Forecaster. “The survey will provide SBAC with feedback on the previous school project that did not pass referendum last November and guide us with how to move forward.”

The committee seeks feedback from all residents, not just those who have children in the schools.

Portland Research Group is administering the survey and will analyze the results for the town. Individuals’ responses will remain confidential to the firm; no town staff member or elected official will have access to them.

The survey will be delivered in the mail along with instructions for completing it online. Online completion is preferred because it “not only minimizes town expenses but also speeds up data processing, ensuring a swift and efficient analysis of the results,” according to a press release from the town. However, the mailed paper versions of the survey may be used, too.

“Schools are a vital part of our community and we are excited to find a forward-thinking solution that meets the needs of our students, staff and community for decades to come,” Record said in the press release. “Please participate and lend your voice to this important process.”

For more information on the survey and School Building Advisory Committee, visit the town’s website,, or the school department’s website,

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