The one common denominator among those pressing for more firearm laws is blaming the National Rifle Association for any egregious crimes with firearms and lawmakers’ failure to pass any number of state and federal bills.

If one is so inclined, perusing the NRA website will show that safely handling and using firearms, via education and training, is and always has been the organization’s No. 1 priority.

Over the years, the NRA has not once – at least that I could find after hours of digging through the internet – proposed or backed any laws directly helping non-law-abiding individuals to possess and use firearms in unsafe or criminal endeavors. It’s pretty clear that they advocate for law-abiding citizens only.

Without playing the blame game, using innuendo, name-calling or chastising the messenger, how about presenting factual information to support and defend one’s position critical of the NRA?

Steve Martin

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