In response to Nancy O’Hagan’s July 30 letter (“Legislature did listen to majority on abortion“), and I quote, “A majority of Mainers agree that only women and their doctors should decide if and when to give birth.” Where does she get her information? What poll is she referring to? She goes on to state, “the loud lobbyists who represent a minority of voters.” Is O’Hagan referring to the throngs of people who showed up at Augusta and waited in line for hours and over days to voice their opposition to the expansion of Maine’s abortion law, LD 1619, which passed the Senate at 20-11 and the House at 73-69? Were they the loud lobbyists, over one thousand according to published reports, who signed up to voice their opposition that she referred to? It seems to me that the loudest lobbyists in Augusta were the governor herself and her political allies who pushed this unpopular measure through the Legislature after the governor had promised that she would not change Maine’s 30-year abortion law during her second term in office.

Anne Philbrick
Old Orchard Beach

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