Mike McClellan, in his July 26 Letter to the Editor (“Legislatures need to work for the people, not lobbies“), seems confused about what working for the people looks like. Protecting public health via vaccines is a very proper role for government. Controlling women’s lives by forcing them to give birth is not.

A majority of Mainers agrees that only women and their doctors should decide if and when to give birth. State Sen. Tim Nangle’s response to the letter writer’s question is therefore not “canned,” but represents the view of his constituents. The senator seems to have done precisely what the letter writer claims he wants: for his legislators to work for the people, not for the loud lobbyists who represent a minority of voters.

It is the responsibility of government to both protect public health and safety, and to protect our precious personal freedoms. Thank you, Sen. Nangle, for doing both.

Nancy O’Hagan

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