As I write this letter, everyone in my household felt compelled to walk away from the TV as we could not listen to the Republican “debate” for another minute. It was a churlish shouting match where nothing of substance was debated, and no one on stage appeared anything close to presidential.

What has America become when those representing one of our country’s leading parties feel compelled to throw insults at one another on the off chance that they get to be the highlight reel on tomorrow’s morning news? There was no substantive discussion on policy for what these candidates would do to curb global warming, protect the rights of women to choose their health care, or bring down our debt.

As voters, we have become trained to vote for the loudest honking horn. No wonder we have forgotten how to work together to be a great nation when we teach our politicians to offer vapid ideas that appeal to the party’s extremes and do nothing to advance our country.

Tracy Floyd
Cape Elizabeth

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