David Vail said in the Aug. 16 issue, we need to be “Getting facts straight on Pine Tree Power.” I just reviewed my latest CMP bill. 60% of the invoice is for the energy supplied and totally out of the control of CMP. This is just a passed-through cost for the electricity they secure on our behalf. This won’t change under PTP. That leaves 30% for delivery which is somewhat under CMP control. A 10% reduction in this portion (optimistic) amounts to 3% overall. Hardly worth a $13-plus billion gamble.

Maine is the most densely forested state in the country. PTP can’t stop trees falling, taking down power lines, drivers from hitting poles, ice storms or animals short-circuiting the system.

The board will be elected by the people. Politicians lie to get into power. Republicans, Democrats, it makes no difference. Candidates will promise lower rates, better service, a chicken in every pot to win, all of which will be out of their control.

I’m told about the success of LIPA taking over at Long Island, New York. Public entities do not pay real estate taxes. LIPA committed to PILOTs (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes). Numerous entities have had to resort to court battles to get a fraction of the amount owed. LIPA is operated by PSEG, a New Jersey investor-owned utility, for-profit enterprise. I looked up their delivery rates for Long Island which is a mix of “super off-peak,” off-peak and peak rates. Their peak rates are significantly higher than current CMP rates.

LIPA has a simple system, no mountains (the highest point is 400’) no real forests and the service area is about 100 miles long and 23 miles at its widest point. No real complications.

John Sahm
Cape Elizabeth

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