I write in support of Anne Philbrick’s letter (“What majority was polled on abortion?” Aug. 23). These days when participating in politics, maybe in anything, you must look at the question, the words. Maine media made it appear that Maine people wanted “abortion on demand” by their words, but the reality is while many Maine people do support the act of abortion, they do not support this radical new law. Interesting that once it passed, only then did the Maine media begin to say that the new law made Maine one of the most progressive states for abortion. I see it that we are now aligned with China and North Korea. Philbrick was also correct (I was there daily) in that thousands showed up against the bill. For weeks and months. Record-setting numbers. This administration, including some local senators and House members, disregarded the people. As Maine sees many issues such as homelessness, drug addiction and infrastructure problems rising, fighting for abortion is a good way to deflect the people. I don’t really see it as economic development.

Mike McClellan

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