SOUTH PORTLAND – The city council convened to discuss the application from Charlie Mitchell’s most recent business endeavor to open a bowling alley in South Portland at the site of Sea Dog Brewing’s bowling alley.

In a previous news story, the owner of the Sea Dog bowling alley, Fred Forsley, said the location was not sustainable for their business. Sea Dog still has five restaurants in Maine, none with bowling alleys. Sea Dog opened the brew pub and bowling alley in early 2020 and closed by April 2023.

Bayside Bowl on Alder Street in Portland is Mitchell’s first bowling alley. His newest bowling alley will be at the former Sea Dog brew pub and bowling alley site at 725 Broadway in South Portland. A public hearing is required by law for initial licensing for a restaurant with a new business.

City Clerk Emily Scully said there had been a legal ad placed in the Portland Press Herald. “There were no objections received from the public,” she said. “The applications have been reviewed. There were no objections by police, fire or health and code enforcement.”

South Portland City Hall

South Portland City Hall Kelley Bouchard photo/Press Herald

Rosemarie DeAngelis had some questions about the new bowling alley. “I live very close to the establishment,” and is like a spokesperson for her neighbors, who had questions regarding noise mitigation, she said. She wanted to know if there were plans for music on the deck. A spokesperson for Bayside Bowl assured DeAngelis that they would make sure to mitigate the noise. She said that they are good neighbors in their Portland neighborhood, and they plan to do the same in South Portland. “We have no plans to have dancing style events,” said the spokesperson. She said they have a sound technician who will come in and make sure the noise isn’t too loud, to ensure there isn’t a negative impact on the neighbors.

The council went on to discuss how someone could go about making a noise complaint. If it is not an emergency, and it is before 5 p.m., then it is the code enforcement office that should be contacted. If it is after 5 p.m., the police department should be called for assistance. Noise complaints are handled through code enforcements. No one on the board could recall a time where the previous bowling alley had any noise complaints.

Mitchell said they didn’t have a date set for the grand opening. “I would expect sometime around late October or early November,” he said. In regard to staff  for the South Portland bowling alley, Mitchell said, “Most employees will work at both Bayside Bowl and Broadway Bowl. Overall we’ll be adding around 12 more staff, most of whom have been hired.”

Mitchell was out of town for the meeting, but two of his senior staff attended. “We were very appreciative of the kind words and warm welcome from the councilors and the members of the public who spoke and are excited to be joining the community,” Michell said.

The council voted unanimously to grant the license for the new bowling alley, currently doing business as Broadway Bowl.

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