Recently I walked to Bug Light Park. The afternoon was sunny with the 4:30 p.m. sun shining from the west and lighting the amazing collection of cars being displayed on the grounds of the park. What a beautiful open space the park provides for such events and for sitting on a bench and looking out over the water.

At the same time I couldn’t help having a very disturbing thought: What if this special space and the late afternoon sun were to be blocked by the construction of four 18-story buildings as proposed by Yard South, part of Northpoint Holdings? Such tall buildings would take away the wonderful feeling of wide open space with its sense of getting away from the bustle of every day life. My feeling of refuge would be completely gone.

I am also deeply concerned about the proposed location of a busy bus terminal next to the park and how frequent buses would affect the quiet of the park. On sunny summer days the parking lot for boat trailers for the boat ramp is full. To lessen traffic on Broadway, frequent buses to Mill Creek have been designed into the plan. Where is the bus terminal to shuttle these carless occupants of Yard South’s high rises going to be located, and will it diminish the parking available for boaters?

Bug Light Park is a treasure just the way it is and should not be ruined by overdevelopment next door.

Charles Higgins
South Portland