As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, September arrives with a reminder that it’s not just the seasons that transition. It’s also a time when communities across America come together for Hunger Action Month.

Joe Rafferty

In the spirit of spreading awareness and inspiring action, I want to share some important developments from the Legislature this session, along with information on local resources for those facing hunger insecurity and opportunities for volunteering.

Maine’s Roadmap to End Hunger by 2030, unveiled last year, represents a visionary approach to confront this issue head-on and a testament to our collective determination to eradicate hunger in our state. It embodies our belief that no Mainer should go to bed hungry and that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves access to nutritious food.

The Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future has put together a team of folks with an important mission: to end hunger in Maine by 2030. They’re not just handing out food; they’re tackling the big issues like expensive groceries, housing, child care, and health care. They’re also making sure folks can get good food that fits their culture. I am excited to see this plan implemented, and I am confident that Maine is on the right track to achieve this goal by 2030.

The roadmap is more than a single initiative; it’s a collection of smart moves to address the real reasons people go hungry. It acknowledges that hunger often emerges as a symptom of deeper systemic issues, and it confronts these underlying structural inequalities head-on. The approach of the roadmap’s implementation combines short-term measures to make nutritious food accessible to those in need with long-term efforts to stimulate economic development.

The second prong of the roadmap tackles diverse aspects of economic growth, from job creation to improving access to health care and affordable housing. It acknowledges that food insecurity is intricately connected to these factors and that solving hunger also involves resolving access to any other resources that ensure dignified living. I believe that we are up to the challenge.


In the Legislature, we’ve recognized how important it is to address food insecurity in our schools. I mentioned it last month, but we know that an empty stomach should never hinder a student’s path to learning, personal growth, and a brighter future. That’s why one of our proudest achievements is the continuation of free school meals for every student in Maine. By guaranteeing that our children receive healthy, filling meals, we invest in their potential, enabling them to thrive academically and beyond.

Local food banks and pantries play a pivotal role in the fight against hunger. If you or someone you know is facing food insecurity, or if you are interested in volunteering to help, we have a variety of great resources in our area.

Organizations like Community Outreach Services in Kennebunk (207-604-0445), St. Mary’s Ecumenical Food Pantry in Wells (207-646-5605), North Berwick Food Pantry (207-935-2938) in North Berwick, and York County Shelters Programs Inc. in Alfred (207-324-1137) all serve as essential hubs within Maine’s hunger relief network, and are a great resource to our community.

Maine’s Roadmap to End Hunger by 2030 epitomizes our dedication to the well-being and success of every Mainer. It signifies our profound commitment to forging a future where hunger is eradicated at its core. As we celebrate Hunger Action Month, let’s unite in our determination to combat hunger, strengthening our communities and illuminating brighter paths for all. Together, we can transform this audacious vision into a hunger-free reality.

As always, if you have any questions about the information here or would like to reach out with a comment, question, or concern, you can reach out to me any time.

Joseph Rafferty is a member of the Maine State Senate representing District 34, Berwick, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, North Berwick and Wells. He can be reached at or 207-287-1515. Sign up an email newsletter at

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