Scarborough Police Department created a Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) program in 2005 to support the town with police/community activities throughout the year. It is currently comprised of twelve individuals who provide volunteer services to the Town in various capacities and settings. The team assists with the following activities routinely throughout the year:

• Parking for school extracurricular activities

• Provide traffic direction for bike rides, road races, and holiday related events

• Public safety patrols during the holiday season

• Assist with Drug Take Back days

• Assist with parking issues at Higgins Beach and other areas within the Town of Scarborough


• Work with the Town of Scarborough during election season, voting at the High School, and special elections

• Assist with Concerts in the Park series

• Assist the Social Services team with the unhoused population

• Assist with speed surveys and data collection

• Assist with the delivery of Thanksgiving meal baskets to community members

• Christmas gift delivery to community members and children


• Research for capturing the history of the Scarborough Police Department

VIPS was developed as a national program shortly after Sept. 11, 2001 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice. The intent of the program is to provide law enforcement agencies with a group of volunteers to support personnel with delivery of services, provide a visual presence in neighborhoods as a crime deterrent, and to build upon police-community relations.

Longtime Scarborough residents Ralph Masciovecchio and Ed Libby were two of the founding volunteers and have been part of the Scarborough VIPS program for 18 years. “There was an article in the Forecaster by [former Police Chief] Robbie Moulton,” said Masciovecchio of how he first learned of the program in 2005. At the time, Moulton was seeking to bring the national VIPS program to Scarborough. Along with Masciovecchio and Libby, there were nine others who became the establishing VIPS members.

Since then, there has been turnover but always a core group of 11-12 members. Masciovecchio joked that him and Libby have stayed since the beginning because they are “too stubborn to quit”. In reality, their good-natured demeanors have drawn them to decades of volunteerism in their retirement. Masciovecchio, a former computer programmer and Tupperware distributor, also volunteers at a soup kitchen in Portland. Libby was in the Marine Corps and spent several years volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and a local food pantry. “I see this [volunteering] as a way to give back,” he says.

One of the highlights of their service with the Police Department are when they have positive interactions with the community during their shifts. Masciovecchio shared a recent email from a parent at Wentworth School, who reached out to thank them for helping get parents reoriented during school drop-off on the first week back from summer vacation, “smiling and with a cheerful thumb’s up,” said the note. During a recent bike race, several cyclists thanked them for being there as they rode by. They’re also a face for the community, and are often sought out at Higgins Beach during their routine shifts by people asking questions ranging from parking, to dog rules, and even restaurant recommendations.

“I get back from my four-hour shift at Higgins and feel good,” said Libby.

Our volunteers are vital to our mission to provide high quality law enforcement services to our citizens while making a positive impact in each of our interactions in the community. As police officers, we need the assistance of our VIPS to accomplish many of our community-based activities that are important to building stronger relationships with our citizens. We are proud of our volunteers for their willingness to readily assist us in maintaining strong bonds with our community while consistently representing the Scarborough Police Department with their professionalism, pride in service and dedication to our community.

We are looking to add new members to our team. Community members who are interested in joining our VIPS Team should contact Officer Eric Greenleaf at (207) 730-4314.

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