Jon Anderson for Scarborough town council Jon Anderson

Jean-Marie Caterina for Scarborough town council

Donald Cushing for Scarborough town council.

Four people are running for Scarborough Town Council where three seats are available, these include two incumbents, Jon Anderson, and Jean-Marie Caterina, alongside two others, Donald Cushing and Scott Doherty. John Cloutier, whose tenure on the Town Council is concluding, has opted not to seek re-election.

Jon Anderson is running for re-election to the Town Council. He has been on the council for three years and is the current council chair. Anderson, age 38, is married with children, ages 8 and 10. He is currently employed at IDEXX. Anderson says he is running for re-election because it takes time to be an effective member on the council. He says there is a lot to learn and that “making change in government is like turning the Titanic. It takes time and patience.”

Anderson says that one of the biggest problems facing Scarborough is finding a school facilities solution for the town’s growing population, including families. Tere is a need for a facilities solution, he said, to “meet the wave of students coming and to address the aging infrastructure.” Anderson supports the K-8 Strategic Solution on the ballot this November. “If that is not the solution residents want as expressed at the polls, then I’m committed to working to find a solution that will work,” said Anderson. Another issue important to Anderson is finding solutions for affordable housing for everyone. He says that updating impact fees will help with the issue. “Additionally, I’d like to see what we can do to further help seniors and residents who have lived in Scarborough their whole lives so they can stay here. My job is not done and I need another three years to help get things to the finish line so we can keep Scarborough great!” Anderson said.

Jean-Marie Caterina, current council member, is running for re-election. Caterina, 68, is married with one adult child,  and an ’09 graduate of Scarborough High School. She is the owner of the Caterina MacLean Group, and a real estate broker for North Star Realty. Caterina says the largest challenge facing Scarborough is “striking a balance between ongoing growth and maintaining those features which make Scarborough a great place in which to live and work, namely beaches, trails, open space and working farms.”

Caterina anticipates furthering her efforts in maintaining and enhancing the local property tax relief rebate for eligible seniors. “I previously succeeded in expanding it to $750,” she said. Additionally, Caterina emphasizes the significance of affordable housing, stating, “We must broaden housing choices for our workforce members who increasingly find themselves relocating farther away.” She currently has a proposal in progress to repurpose hotels into workforce housing. Caterina is an advocate for a consolidated school development and pledges to keep tax increases at 3% or lower. “My experience is invaluable. I look forward to continuing to serve all the residents of Scarborough,” Caterina added.

Donald W. Cushing, 70, is a first-time candidate for the Town Council. He has been a resident of Scarborough for 30 years, is married with two children who both attended Scarborough schools from K-12 and is the grandfather of five children. He currently owns and serves as the president of Ocean Street Auto Repair.


“The citizens of Scarborough continue to confront the perennial issues of taxes, growth, and education,” Cushing wrote in an email. “Our community survey and my conversations with voters underscore the importance of providing a quality education for our kids and grandkids while getting the best value for our tax dollars,” He says that managing growth is tricky because Scarborough is a very desirable place to live. “My pledge is to listen to the diverse opinions on how to achieve our goals and seek solutions that balance the needs of seniors, young people and families,” Cushing said.

Cushing says he senses there is some lost trust between the council and some townspeople. He says he has learned how to build trust amongst groups with differing points of view through managing large group medical practices across the country. “If elected, I will earn your trust with proactive communication and active listening,” Cushing said.

Attempts to reach Scott Doherty by phone were unsuccessful.

Voting takes place Nov. 7, 7 a.m to 8 p.m, at the Scarborough High School in Alumni Gym located at 11 Municipal Drive in Scarborough. Absentee ballots are available through the Town Clerk’s Office.

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