I do not understand why Gov. Mills felt it necessary to urge citizens to vote against Pine Tree Power in this upcoming election (Sept. 20).

It is difficult for me to comprehend her new stance. In 2021, the governor criticized the performance of Maine’s two largest utilities as “abysmal,” citing, in the Press Herald’s paraphrase, “billing errors, rate increases, delays following power outages and confusion over solar projects.” She also said “it may well be that the time has come” for Mainers to “retake control” of the utilities’ assets.

Furthermore, the governor’s decision to repeat the fear-mongering campaign point of $13.5 billion in costs (which we know is widely contested) makes me believe someone or something has severely changed her opinion.

If she is a true leader, I think Gov. Mills should follow up and explain the dissonance between her past and present statements.

Trevor Henry

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