Verso’s Androscoggin paper mill in Jay employs about 400 people. Staff Photo by John Ewing

JAY — A Delaware company wants to buy the Androscoggin paper mill and adjacent cogeneration facility from Pixelle Specialty Solutions and redevelop it for other industrial uses, according to an application filed to transfer state permits.

The former pulp and paper mill stopped making paper in March after decades of production.

JGT2 Redevelopment has applied with the state to have state permits/licenses for stormwater, wastewater discharge, air emissions, and solid waste transferred to JGT2.

JGT2 proposes redeveloping the site for other industrial uses, according to the application. It wasn’t clear Friday what those other uses might be.

The old pulp and paper mill equipment will be sold and repurposed where possible, according to the application. Unnecessary infrastructure will be demolished to prepare for new construction. The property will be divided and redeveloped into several new industrial uses.

It plans to restart the cogeneration plant to produce power to sell to the grid while redeveloping the properties associated with the former pulp and paper mill. As part of the redevelopment, JGT2 will take on the obligation of closing the landfills. Additionally, it is considering resizing the wastewater treatment system to match the new industrial uses for the facility.


The natural gas cogeneration facility is idled but remains operational. The only active operations at the property are the landfill and the wastewater treatment plant, which is used to treat leachate from the active landfill, as well as stormwater runoff, and sanitary wastewater.

Pixelle employs six staff from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days per week.

Although contracts with the proposed new buyers have yet to be finalized, permits will likely require modifications based on the new site uses, according to the application.

Public comments on the applications may be sent to Mark Margerum, office of the commissioner, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, State House Station 17, Augusta, ME 04333-0017. He can also be reached by email at Mark.T.Margerum@Maine.Gov.

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