The National Association of Social Workers, Maine chapter fully supports both Questions 6 and 8 as we stand up, for and with the Wabanaki tribes of Maine and for persons under guardianship for mental illness. Both questions address historical inequities and injustices in the Maine Constitution. Resolutions on both issues were passed by our community leaders in the Maine Senate and the House during the last legislative session.

Question 6 restores missing language about treaty obligations, honoring our shared history and the Wabanaki people. Question 8 removes language that denies the right to vote for persons under guardianship for mental illness, a practice that was deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. District Court in 2001.

This will be the third time since this court decision that the people of Maine will be voting on Question 8. Let’s finally close this discriminatory practice and change the constitutional language to reflect current best practices.

Join us and vote “yes” on Questions 6 and 8.

Julie Schirmer
board president, NASW ME

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