I urge Falmouth residents to vote against the citizens’ referendum on Nov. 7.

The referendum was drafted in response to the two office buildings that were recently constructed in the Falmouth shopping center.

The referendum would limit the maximum height of buildings from 65 feet to 45 feet, but would not prevent a developer from constructing an urban-style building that looks exactly like the two currently in the shopping center as long as it was shorter than 45 feet.

Two tall buildings already exist in Falmouth, but they haven’t been considered objectionable despite, at 60 feet, they are essentially the same height as the buildings at the shopping center. The Mint Salon Block and the University of Maine building on Clearwater Drive are new, but they have features such as clapboard siding, bricks, granite and dormers that make them look like they belong in a 21st-century New England town.

Please join me in voting “no.”

Bonny Rodden

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