Let me first say that I support the Second Amendment. With that said, when our forefathers wrote the Constitution, people had single-shot weapons and we had no standing army to protect us. At that time there was a need for citizen soldiers. Now that we have standing armies, this does not apply.

Private citizens do not need to have these weapons of mass destruction. It is time for local, state and national politicians to take a hard look at this issue and work on gun safety rules for all. Simply because we are affluent enough to own these weapons does not mean that we should have them. Last week’s shooting was an excellent example of what can happen when a person with mental issues and knowledge of weapons has access to them.

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Let’s finally follow this and work hard to promote and vote for safer gun laws. Kudos to the Biden administration for trying hard to get some positive action done. It is time to let the NRA know that these mass shootings need to be stopped.

Glenis Elliott
West Bath

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