Jennifer Alexandra Tilton Picardy

Jennifer, Jen, Nuestra Hija, La Dormista, Muchacha, Parce.

We are deeply grateful that you chose us! We love being your FAMILY. We love laughing with you. Nos encanta cantar y bailar tu música reggaetón favorita. You are brave, smart, beautiful, kind and sassy 🙂 Plus, you have the best chicharrónitas (to us that means cute little toes)!

Jen, you truly know what a FAMILY is. You are an amazing daughter, big sister, nieta, friend, bro, student and employee. We are honored to be your Mom and Dad. Your Abuelos, Gatas and sister Anggie adore you! We see Peñita, Chai and Mocha with you now; you must be having so much fun with Patty shopping at Marshalls and getting your nails done together.

You make us proud every day. In four years, you moved across the hemisphere, learned a different culture (food, language, music, customs and traditions), and built forever friendships that will carry us through until we are together again. You said YES! Yes to reading, swimming, boating, cooking together, long dinner gatherings, drive-in movies, beach days and pond sunsets, traveling, gardening, snowmobiling, skiing, cross-country running, and school subjects like English, Español, algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry and photography.

Jen, you wrote us the most beautiful letters. We hope to find more of your letters hidden around the house and cabin. Oh, and your rice… the very best rice prepared with perfectly cut scallions and garlic.

You are pure beauty and kindness Jen. You enjoy helping everyone, especially children through your work at Migis Lodge, Cape English Language Learning, and caring for your sister Anggie. You have incredible talent and patience with kiddos ( ).

As Jen’s parents, we are hosting a celebration with friends and family on Nov. 9 at Tostones Café, 337 Ocean House Rd., Cape Elizabeth. All who love Jen are welcome to join us anytime between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. We are also establishing the “JEN IS LOVE” fund with Opportunity Alliance to support their Crisis Aftercare Program (

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