We are writing to express our strong support for Wiscasset Middle High School Principal Gina Stevens. We have had the privilege of working under Gina and can attest to her exceptional dedication, fair and efficient leadership and untiring passion for education, for students, and for the climate at WMHS.

She has been an invaluable asset in stabilizing and unifying the WMHS community after years of administrative and staff turnover and tumult. Under her leadership, beginning even under her interim principalship in the spring of 2023, the school has witnessed remarkable progress and positive change. She has worked tirelessly to restore fair discipline, universal but fair accountability, and trust. Her commitment to creating a nurturing, inclusive, and academically stimulating environment for both students and staff has significantly contributed to the school’s turnaround in school culture. Members of the staff who previously felt disenfranchised have found support and a team culture through her work. Gina’s ability to inspire and motivate others is truly commendable. She has fostered a strong sense of community and has reestablished order to the school. She has consistently demonstrated unwavering support for students’ overall growth and development.

Furthermore, Gina’s leadership style is characterized by her fairness, approachability, and genuine concern for the well-being of everyone in the school community. She recognizes the potential in each student and helps them achieve their goals through gentle correction rather than an iron fist. Each student is guided through recognition of his/her mistake without letting that error define him/her; respect for all students is at the heart of those conversations. Gina’s tireless efforts to improve the school climate and the quality of education at WMHS through positivity and consistency is evidenced by the tremendous boost of morale in the school community (at least before this week). Gina asks no less of herself in terms of accountability than she asks of others.

Many of our new staff state that one of the major factors in choosing WMHS as their work home was Gina and her enthusiasm for and dedication to the school. The fact is, however, that there are both veteran and new staff who are ready to look elsewhere for employment if Gina is dismissed.

It is our firm belief that retaining Gina Stevens as the Principal of WMHS is crucial for the forward progress of the Wiscasset School Department, to retain faculty and staff at WMHS specifically, and to restore the continuity our students deserve. Gina’s wealth of experience, vision, and ability to foster a positive learning environment are qualities that are not easily replaceable (as WMHS has witnessed over the past nine years). Removing her from her post would undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the school community – including students, parents, and faculty members. Gina is authentic, trustworthy and respectful. She works tirelessly and wants the best for our students and our school. She makes all feel valued.

We ask the same from our school committee.

We, the undersigned, respectfully but strongly urge you to reconsider the decision to release Gina Stevens from her role as the WMHS Principal. Her contributions to the school are immeasurable and we are confident that with her continued leadership, WMHS will thrive and excel in the years to come.

This letter to the school board was signed by 25 members of the Wiscasset Middle High School and shared with The Times Record.

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