Please be aware of the following changes to the trash pick-up schedule for Thanksgiving week:

• There is no trash pickup on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 23

• If your trash day is normally Thursday, it will be picked up on Friday, Nov. 24

• If your trash day is normally Friday, it will be picked up on Saturday, Nov. 25

Winter reminders

• Clear all items (basketball hoops, etc.) from the edge of the roadways. Please move them back at least 12 – 15 feet from the edge of the pavement. This better enables us to clear the roads properly and reduces the possibility of items and equipment being damaged.


• Please be aware of and abide by parking bans. When cars are left parked on the street during a storm/parking ban, it significantly affects our ability to clear the roadways, and entire sections of streets may be negatively affected as a result. Also, your car may be towed at your expense. No one wants that.

• Snow tires are pretty important during Maine winters. If you don’t have them, you should get some. Soon.

• Remember to place your trash and recycle carts in your driveway, not on the roadside. They can be placed a few feet up into your driveway – the “arms” on the trash trucks can reach them even if they are a few feet back.

• When it snows, road conditions worsen. It doesn’t matter if you drive a tank. Allow yourself extra time, go slow, watch for others that seem to think snow and ice does not affect the roadways, and get to where you are going safely!

• When clearing your driveway of snow, please do not place the snow into the roadways. This creates dangerous (and unnecessary) conditions for everyone. Furthermore, when clearing the snow, remember to clear it to the down side (or right side) of your driveway. Trust me, this will save you a backache (and/or headache) when you have to re-clear your driveway after the plow comes through, and plops it all right back into your driveway.

• Dig out the snowblower. Doing this now, before you actually need it is advisable. Look it over, kick the tires, give it an oil change, and some general overall TLC. Remove the mouse nest(s). Make sure all parts are working correctly. If you do this, and do a thorough job of it, maybe it won’t snow this year. One can only hope.

Hiring Seasonal Plow Truck Drivers

The Town of Scarborough is hiring seasonal Plow Truck Driver/Maintenance Workers within the Public Works Department for the 2023-24 winter season. This a full-time schedule, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., from approximately November through April. This position requires that the employee report to work within 60 minutes of a call-out during winter operations when the weather dictates, including nights, days, weekends, and holidays. $26/hour, apply online at

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at or (207) 730-4400. Sign up for the Scarborough Town Newsletter for updates like this delivered to your inbox twice monthly:

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