Scott LaFlamme has been named Yarmouth’s first-ever assistant town manager.

LaFlamme will also continue in his role as the town’s director of economic development as he assists Town Manager Nat Tupper with his workload and the town begins its search for a permanent replacement for Tupper.

Tupper announced last month that he would retire in January after 32 years on the job.

“The intention was that for now, Scott will be recognized for what he’s kind of been doing all along anyways, which is being a tremendous help to me and a leader to the staff,” Tupper told the Town Council last week.

The council voted unanimously to approve both the job description for the assistant town manager’s position and LaFlamme’s appointment to it.

“Knowing how much Nat has to do in his job, I think it’s past time to have an assistant town manager,” Councilor Randall Bates said. “I think we’re lucky that Scott will be our first.”


LaFlamme has been director of economic development since 2017. His salary will be increased 8%, from $100,156 to $108,169, to reflect his dual positions.

Also at its meeting last week, the Town Council unanimously approved using $28,000 from the downtown Tax Increment Financing district account to install new electric vehicle charging stations and upgrade existing stations on Main Street.

The town now has three EV charging stations behind the town office. With the help of a grant from Efficiency Maine, those two stations with two ports each will be replaced and two new stations with two ports each will be installed at the Log Cabin on Main Street. Drivers will be able to use their credit cards to pay at the EV stations.

“We’ve been working for a long time on developing EV charging stations throughout the community,” LaFlamme said.

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