An opinion piece in The Forecaster by Bob Rose (“Guns are not the problem, but ban AR-15s,” Nov. 14) claims that guns do not kill people but people do, a regular trope within the gun community.

My beloved husband of 52 years, Charles W. Hedrick, died while in lockdown on Oct. 26 at (the) Marshwood Center (senior care facility) in Lewiston. A man named Robert Card was able to massacre 18 people within minutes at a bowling alley and tavern in Lewiston, the worst gun violence to occur in Maine. Without his guns, Robert Card could not have massacred 18 people in minutes.

Men feel so emasculated they need a gun to prove their masculinity. A gun is not an appendage to maleness. Its purpose is to kill.

As a 92-year-old woman I place a target on my back by writing this letter, but gun rights people should not continue the myth that guns are not responsible for the widespread terror in this nation.

Suzanne F. Hedrick

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