The Tuesday after Thanksgiving – also known as Giving Tuesday – is a good day for the thousands of Maine children helped each year by the Press Herald Toy Fund.

They just don’t know it.

The fund uses donations from readers to buy gifts for children who face a holiday season with little to be joyful about. In most cases, the children will never know it was the donors who brightened their holidays in the midst of a difficult winter.

The #GivingTuesday movement began on social media in 2012 to encourage people to donate to local charities. And it works.

Charities across the country get a boost on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and the Press Herald Toy Fund is no exception. The money raised this week will go a long way toward making sure thousands of children experience the joy of new toys and books in the coming weeks.

And based on the steady flow of letters from parents seeking help, the need is as great as ever.


“I am a single mother of three,” one woman wrote to the fund. “My children lost their dad in a car accident (two years ago). Paying rent and utilities leaves me broke.”

“We are currently homeless staying with friends,” another wrote. “Things are really tough and hard right now with money. With food increases as well it is truly hard. Please let me know if you are able to help. Thank you.”

To make a donation online or apply for assistance, go to

Checks made out to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund may be mailed to 295 Gannett Drive, South Portland ME 04106.

Names of donors are published in the Press Herald, the Sun Journal and the Times Record unless a donor wishes to remain anonymous.



(note: some donations include an additional amount to cover transaction fees) 

Anonymous $105.52

Anonymous $1,052.39

Mark, Mary, Awen and Hwyl $52.91

Merry Christmas. Great work everyone! $105.52

Anonymous $105.52


Happy holidays! $105.52

Anonymous $105.52

Anonymous $52.91

Anonymous $31.87

In Memory of Stephen Harris Alison Harris $105.52

In loving memory of Grandma Dot The Irish Family $105.52


Anonymous $21.35

Anonymous  $42.39

Anonymous $100.00

Anonymous $1,052.39

Happy holidays to all the families served by the Toy Fund Karen Beaudoin & Margo Batchelder $52.91

Michael Hudson $20.00


Anonymous $52.91

From Ladybug, Charlie and Marley $105.52

Good wishes for the holidays! Dawn Leland $21.35

Merry Christmas Meghan, Hailey and Joe $105.52

Christine & Alix Caulfield $105.52

Anonymous $105.52


Karl T $263.33

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!!! Alice Adams & Liz Winfeld $31.87

Anonymous $42.39

Henry Loughlin $105.52

Mark and Andrea Adams  $300.00

The Vallelungas $52.91


Melissa Malone $105.52


Robert LaPlace and Jamie Lewis $315.93

Anonymous $105.52

In memory of Ruth and Paul Gonya $526.35

Anonymous $20.00


Michael Beers $263.33

In memory of my parents, who modeled generosity Marilee Beinema $105.52

Anonymous $52.91

Betsy Bruce $315.93

In loving memory of “Mumzie” $50.00

Charles Sims $105.20


In memory of David and Helen Getchell $100.00

In memory of John and June Bowman $100.00

In memory of Rosa and Gerald Thorne Gary Thorne $100.00

Bill Jose $100.00

TOTAL TO DATE: $15,859.75


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