Scarborough View AR building courtesy photo/ Emily Mitchell

A.R. Development Co.’s upcoming project in Scarborough emphasizes sustainability, community engagement, and efficiency through multi-family apartments with electric utilities, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, a significant land donation, and a comprehensive set of amenities, according to the applicant’s representative Emily Mitchell.

The company proposed to construct 10, 12-unit apartment buildings. The project is currently in its initial stages. AR Development Co. said the proposed development would include 120 upscale residential units, featuring both one and two bedrooms, on a 57-acre parcel at the intersection of Gorham and Mussey roads.

“Our one- and two-bedroom apartments offer the following amenities: large windows maximizing natural light, private balconies, spacious interiors, in-unit laundry, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets, 24-hour maintenance, and valet trash service,” she said. “Our clubhouse includes our full-time management office, fitness room, pool, and community room.”

In addition, Mitchell said, “Our multi-family apartments are built very efficiently. We run all of our utilities on electric and utilize high-efficiency furnaces.” The project would include EV charging parking spots. “We will have 4 EV charging parking spots, with the ability to expand as needed,” Mitchell said.

Off-site improvements integral to the project, she said. “Off-site improvements include new sidewalks along Mussey and Gorham Road, pedestrian crosswalks across Mussey, Gorham, and Spring Street, and associated pedestrian signals.” She said these measures aim to create a comprehensive pedestrian infrastructure network, ensuring safe transportation connections to nearby shopping and amenities.

Scarborough Planning Board member Eric Sanderson said the town worked with the applicant to address traffic issues and natural resource preservation. “Through the review process, the town worked with A.R. Development to provide a comprehensive set of sidewalks and traffic signal improvements to maintain an efficient and multimodal transportation network in the Eight Corners area,” he said.


In addition to the offsite improvements, the project also would also provide an easement to the town for a future right turn lane on Mussey Road eastbound at its intersection with Gorham Road, Sanderson said.

The construction timeline for the 10, 12-unit apartment buildings is based on obtaining permits and planning. “We will work with Scarborough to phase our project in line with the availability of growth permits. We expect to build out the project over the next three years,” Mitchell said.

The project is already on line to have the permits needed for construction. “The project received the majority of its growth permits under the previous Growth Management Ordinance, with 48 growth permits issued and 48 one-bedroom exemptions,”  Sanderson said. “The remaining 24 units were allocated from Area 2 with the adoption of the new Rate of Growth Ordinance taking effect on July 1, 2023.”

Sanderson said stormwater and erosion controls are designed to limit flows from leaving the site and preserve the Nonesuch River. “As part of that discussion, the applicant conveyed 32-acres of the parcel to Scarborough Land Trust to add to Warren Woods and leave the areas closest to the Nonesuch undisturbed,” he added.

Mitchell said the project would contribute to the Scarborough community. “An example of this is our donation of 32 acres to the Scarborough Land Trust. The property that was donated includes a stretch of the Nonesuch River, its floodplain, wetlands, and forest,” Mitchell said. She said this donation aligns with A.R. Development’s commitment to maintaining the wildlife and plant populations of the area, and the land would be an addition to the Warren Woods Preserve.

“We are excited to be in the Scarborough community.,” Mitchell said.”It is a fantastic area. We were drawn to the beautiful community, access to retail, outdoor amenities, and proximity to Portland.”


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