I am writing today to ask my fellow Mainers to learn about and support L.D. 1914: the Maine Psilocybin Health Access Act. This bill would create a regulated market for adults over 21 to access psilocybin services in a safe and beneficial environment.

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for healing and ceremony for several thousand years by several cultures. In the past three decades the western medical model has been testing psilocybin for such issues as end-of-life anxiety to major depression to smoking cessation. These studies have all shown a high degree of safety for the participants and level of efficacy well beyond the standard treatment in this area.

It is time to bring psilocybin services out of the shadows, where they can be more accessible to a greater number of people and have the maximum beneficial effect. Maine has a history of being an early adopter of sensible drug policy, so let’s lead the way for the region and enact this common sense bill. Please write or call your legislator and urge them to support L.D. 1914.

Aaron Parker

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