During the recent power outage, I imagined a scenario where we have arrived at that Net Zero place. All vehicles are now electric – cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, utility trucks, all electric. But this is a power outage. No electricity. No vehicles can move without a charged battery. Now this would seem to be the new dark age.

There is no question that humans are not good stewards of this earth. Cutting down trees and paving over the soil, these are the lungs of the earth and we are suffocating them. A basic understanding of the importance of carbon and carbon dioxide for all life on Earth is needed. Remember photosynthesis?

Look up at the sky. Clouds and flight paths of airplanes are intermingling. Watch the plumes of aerosols and how they expand into and grow the clouds. In 1891, the United States Patent Office issued the first patent on a weather modification invention. Weather modification operations have been ongoing ever since. Observe, investigate.

It has been observed by many over the years that if everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking at all.

Jeanne Johnson

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