AUGUSTA – Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan includes a number of projects for Senate District 29. The annual plan, released , Maine Department of Transportation, outlines the department’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation upgrades and maintenance projects.

“I am grateful for the Maine Department of Transportation for putting together this robust plan,” said Sen. Anne Carney who represents District 29, which includes part of Scarborough. “These improvements across the state and the district are necessary and will greatly improve vehicle, pedestrian and bike safety.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan covers a historic $4.74 billion worth of construction and maintenance, thanks to a bipartisan investment approved in the Legislature last year.

The following breakdown is the planned capital and maintenance work for Scarborough this year:

Highway Paving/Rehabilitation

In Scarborough, highway paving and light capital paving will take place along Broadturn Road beginning 0.09 of a mile southeast of Glendale Drive and extending southeast 1.14 miles; along Payne Road, beginning 0.14 of a mile north of Milliken Road and extending northeast 0.77 of a mile; and along Holmes Road, beginning 0.23 of a mile east of Two Rod Road and extending 0.88 of a mile to Payne Road.


Also, highway paving is to take place for urban highways along Mill And Fill Route 114/Route 22. Route 114: beginning 0.12 of a mile northwest of Roscoe Road and extending northwest 0.15 mile. Route 22: beginning 0.02 of a mile east of Saco Street and extending west 0.28 of a mile. PACTS Sponsored MPI.

Bicycle/Pedestrian On-Road Sidewalk/Trail Construction

In Scarborough and South Portland, expect bicycle/pedestrian and on-road sidewalk/trail new construction along the Eastern Trail beginning at Wainwright Field in South Portland and extending south 0.8 of a mile to Pleasant Hill Road in Scarborough; as well as bicycle/pedestrian and off-road trail/path new construction along the Eastern Trail Eastern Trail bicycle and pedestrian connection, beginning at Nonesuch River and extending east 0.6 of a mile to Pleasant Hill Road.

Highway Safety and Spot Improvements

In Scarborough, there will be highway safety and spot improvements for rural highways and highway improvement — PE only along Route 1, beginning 0.39 of a mile northeast of Harlow Street and extending northeast 1.20 miles, including bridges (#3573, #2240); along rural highways as well as highway improvement — PE only on Route 9 beginning at Primrose Lane and extending northwest 0.73 of a mile,ncluding bridge (#3712; and along urban highways and highway improvement —PE only on Route 114, beginning 0.09 of a mile north of Ridgeway Road and extending northwest 0.63 of a mile, beginning 0.62 of a mile northwest of Payne Road and extends northwest 2.44 miles and begins 0.01 of a mile south of Maple Avenue and extending north 0.33 of a mile.

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