Matt Russ painting on location with young fans. Courtesy photo/Matt Russ

“The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust’s 17th annual Paint for Preservation wet paint auction is underway, and we are issuing this Call for Artists,” said Patty Renaud, the Membership and Development manager of CELT. “This year, we are making a concerted effort to attract a wider pool of applicants and increasing participation. In addition to sending this notice far and wide, we are also waiving our traditional application entry fee for artists, thanks to the support of an anonymous donor.” Artists from Scarborough, South Portland and beyond can participate.

Paint for Preservation provides artists with an opportunity to engage with the breathtaking landscapes of Cape Elizabeth through plein air painting, Renaud said. As a way to show the commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity of the event, “All work must be done on location; no studio work is allowed,” she said.

“The event itself will be held over the weekend of June 21-23, with the gala auction at Garrison Field, the seaside home of Jeff Holden on Sunday, June 24,” Renaud said. “Proceeds are shared with the artists and go to further the conservation, stewardship, and environmental education programs of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust” which was established in 1985.

Artist Margaret Giacobbe painting on location. Courtesy photo/ Margaret Giacobbe

“Paint for Preservation embodies CELT’s broader mission of conserving and stewarding the natural landscapes of Cape Elizabeth for future generations,” said Renaud. “Through partnerships with organizations like the Maine Farmland Trust and the Maine Land Trust Network, CELT remains at the forefront of land conservation efforts in the state.”

“Preserving public access to natural spaces in Cape Elizabeth is a cause I believe in, and I am always excited to participate,” said artist Nathaniel Meyer. “Producing a decent painting over the course of a weekend is a fun challenge. You never know what the weather will be like, or exactly what composition you’ll eventually settle on- all those unknowns make for an exciting time.”

“The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Paint for Preservation is a truly spectacular event,” said artist Margaret Giacobbe of Kennebunkport. “The artists have three days of plein-air painting, allowing for a wonderful interaction with not only the land but also the community. As a landscape artist, who has seen so much land go towards development, this fundraiser supports a cause dear to me. To preserve and maintain these parcels is so vital and necessary. The art produced during this event is a beautiful statement of these Cape Elizabeth treasures.”


To encourage broader participation, CELT has waived its traditional application entry fee, made possible through the generosity of an anonymous donor. “Interested plein air artists are invited to submit three images of recent original plein-air paintings in any medium for juried consideration,” Renaud said. Detailed application instructions can be obtained on the CELT website, with the deadline for submissions set for  March 1.

Nathaniel Meyer painting Trudy Point. Courtesy photo/Nathaniel Meyer

Proceeds from Paint for Preservation supports the conservation of shoreline, marshlands, farmlands, and woodlands in the region, Renaud said. “The freshly painted masterpieces, some still glistening with wet paint, will take center stage at a tented reception in a picturesque seaside location within Cape Elizabeth on Sunday, June 23. With an annual attendance exceeding 400 art enthusiasts, the event serves as a crucial fundraiser for the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust.”

“By inviting artists from diverse backgrounds and locations to engage with Cape Elizabeth’s landscapes, CELT hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation for the region’s natural splendor,” Renaud said.

Juried artists will paint on location from Friday, June 21 to Sunday, June 23, at designated public and private sites chosen to highlight Cape Elizabeth’s natural beauty, Renaud said. The public is invited to watch participating artists’ work and to attend the gala auction on Sunday, June 23 from 4-7 p.m. at Garrison Field to bid on art work. Tickets go on sale May 15th.

Artwork by Nathaniel Meyer. Courtesy photo/Nathaniel Meyer

For more information, visit Cape Elizabeth Land Trust’s website, or call 207-767-6054

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