After a springlike weekend that saw Portland set a daily record of 54 degrees on Saturday, a significant snowstorm is headed for Maine on Tuesday morning.

“Portland is right on the edge of possibly getting six inches,” National Weather Service meteorologist Donny Dumont said Sunday evening.

If the track of the storm changes, Portland could see a lot less than six inches, but if you are thinking about traveling south of Portland, Dumont advises against it.

The National Weather Service office in Gray is predicting that most of York County and points south, especially in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, could get as much as a foot of snow from Tuesday’s storm, which is expected to begin around 9 a.m. It will snow throughout the day.

“It is going to be a pure snow event,” Dumont said, explaining that the texture of the snow should be dry and light, making it easy to shovel.

While areas south of Portland are going to see quite a bit of accumulation, the snowfall amounts will be considerably lower in the mountains and inlands area of the state, Dumont said.

“The amounts will fall off in the north,” he said.

Following Tuesday’s snowstorm, the weather service is forecasting a week of drier, colder weather.

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