The Cumberland Town Council voted unanimously Monday night to observe Arbor Day as a town holiday every April. Cumberland can now officially become a Tree City.

The Tree City USA program, administered by the Arbor Day Foundation, provides towns with a framework to maintain and grow their tree cover, and gives towns an opportunity to celebrate their work and commit to the mission of environmental change.

It’s something that Cumberland has already been doing for a long time, Lands and Conservation Commission member Riva Krut said Monday night.

“Cumberland has made substantial investments in trees, trails and forests,” Krut said. “The town elders have, for decades, been demonstrating the value of green space to the town.”

In order to become a Tree City, Cumberland must adhere to four standards. Three were already being met. It has a tree board or department, in this case the LCC and its subcommittees. It has a tree care ordinance and it spends at least $2 per capita on trees.

All that was left was the Arbor Day proclamation and a couple of administrative steps and a payment of $200, which the LCC will cover.


“It’s really time for Cumberland to join,” Krut said. “It’s really low hanging fruit for us.”

An annual Arbor Day observance in town could be a positive community event, said Denise Thorsson, a member of the LCC’s orchard subcommittee.

“We have lots of space,” she said. “We’re already hosting a community event to plant trees.”

The Town Council was all for allowing Cumberland to become a Tree City.

“I smiled when I first realized this was an Arbor Day proclamation,” Chair Mark Segrist said. “I’m excited to be sitting here, I’m excited to push this forward tonight.”

This year’s Arbor Day falls on April 26.

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