The beginning of March in Maine will feature a run for the upper 50s to low 60s for one day, but overall, expect more temps in the 40s and rain on and off the next several days.

We’ve got three storms coming in a six-day period, with rain forming the bulk of the precipitation. But if enough cold air filters in from the north into Thursday, we could see some snow.

There is a storm signal for a large storm come Sunday, but it’s too soon to say if that will happen. I’m more concerned about the king tide and a storm as we get into the weekend. It won’t take much to cause coastal flooding with more than a 13-foot-high tide on Sunday and a flood stage of 12 feet.

The first storm arrives Tuesday, with more than half of an inch of rain spreading across the state from south to north. This storm won’t cause too many issues except for low visibility from fog and slick spots. Don’t expect snow.

A second system moves in later Wednesday into Thursday with rain to start. But cold air will be pouring down from Canada into Thursday. If the storm slows down or tracks inland, there will be plenty of cold air to make an impactful snowstorm. However, an out-to-sea track would mean little to no snow for all of Maine.

The third storm arrives over the weekend – and has the potential to be the most impactful of the three. An inside runner track would pull the storm inland and mean big concerns for coastal communities with a king tide coming. A track along or off the coast could pull the cold air south and throw moisture in the form of snow inland or even down to the coastline.

This storm needs to be watched for trends closely. It has blockbuster potential, but we’ve been fooled before, so just keep an eye on it for now.

No matter what the storms do, there’s one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb this week, and it’s the temperature. We have an opportunity Wednesday to make it to 60 degrees – a rare feat in early March for the Pine Tree State.

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