I am bewildered and disappointed by the low voter turnout for the 2024 presidential primary. I am writing to list the issues important to me and why I voted to encourage others to identify and determine their own priority issues. I encourage readers to make time between now and Nov. 5 to figure out why, where and when you need to vote.

Here are the issues important to me and why I vote to:

• Strengthen environmental laws

• Protect birth control access and women’s reproductive rights

• Strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare

• Continue strengthening the Affordable Care Act and improve access and affordability. Health care is a fundamental human right.


• Lower prescription drug prices

• Strengthen gun safety measures

• Expose and block attacks on voting rights

• Advance racial equality, civil rights and LGBTQ+ rights

I am not posting these issues for debate. I am posting to show my rationale for voting for a president who will assemble the best team and effectively delegate to accomplish these goals.

If you did not vote in the 2024 primary, I hope you will take time to determine the issues most important to you, your family and friends, and select the presidential candidate best suited to get the job done, so when Nov. 5, 2024, rolls around, you have made the time to register, vote early or get to the polls before your work day begins. Additionally, down the ballot, your vote counts to support your candidate’s agenda for the upcoming term. Please save the date and vote in November.

Pamela Thomas
South Portland

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