Recently the Maine Legislature, more specifically the Democrats within the Legislature, voted to remove the voice from every Maine citizen, regardless of party or persuasion, and give it to citizens of other states like New York, California and Oregon, states that do not share Maine’s unique and special characteristics. These representatives have slapped every Mainer in the face, spat in their eye and said, “we do not care how you vote; Maine’s delegates are going to support other states’ wishes.”

Some may say I am being dramatic, or we should elect our president on a national popular vote. But our founders were very smart to avoid this dangerous process. A popular vote guarantees that small states will have no say in the presidential selection. Large urban areas like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Houston will decide who is elected. Although the talking heads on television have been stressing that we live in a democracy, we do not. We have democratic values in how we create laws and manage government, but we are a representative republic and have been since 1787. We elect leaders to represent us, and dare I say, protect our rights as free citizens.

I used to be cautious about categorizing elected leaders by their actions. I always thought they were doing their best and having to make concessions for the greater good. But as someone who believes the Constitution is special and unique, and one of the greatest documents ever created, so much so that I have spent the better part of 35 years serving this great state and country, I now see that our leaders do not care for the citizens. They do not serve to protect but to take. They do not have honor or integrity.

Michael Buhelt

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