AUGUSTA ­­— In recent months, Sen. Donna Bailey, D-Saco has welcomed a number of Thornton Academy students to the Maine Senate to serve as honorary pages.

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, she welcomed Thornton Academy freshman Nadia Christidis of Saco to the Maine Senate Chamber.

“I am very impressed Nadia used one of her precious school vacation days to travel to the State House and serve as an Honorary Page today,” said Sen. Bailey. “One of the best parts of the program is meeting some of my younger constituents and hearing directly from them. If you would like to serve as an Honorary Page, please do not hesitate to reach out. We still have two more months of session, so there are plenty of opportunities remaining.”

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, she welcomed Thornton Academy student Mikayla Goulet of Saco.

“I was very happy to meet Mikayla today,” said Sen. Bailey. “Mikayla is an outstanding student, and she did a wonderful job as an Honorary Page in the Senate Chamber. I am very grateful for these students who travel to the State House and help my colleagues and me. Because of the pages, we can finish our work efficiently and quickly.”

On Thursday, Feb. 22, Thornton Academy students Avery Kurkjy, Shubek Singh, Wyatt Williams and Oliver Williams, all of Saco, to the Senate Chamber to serve as Honorary Pages.


“During school vacation week, I am so glad these students are taking advantage of the honorary student program,” said Sen. Bailey. “As the session days become busier and busier, the pages are a huge help. It also gives me a lot of joy to see them interacting with my colleagues, seeing their state government in action.”

On Tuesday, March 5, Bailey, D-Saco, welcomed Thornton Academy student Precieux Mbolea of Saco to the Senate Chamber.

“It was wonderful to meet Precieux and his parents at the State House,” said Sen. Bailey. “As the only page today, Precieux was busy. Being the oldest brother, he is setting an outstanding example for his younger siblings. I am very glad that students are taking advantage of this program. It is an excellent opportunity.”

On Wednesday, March 13, she welcomed Thornton Academy student Ayden Tran of Saco.

“I am grateful Ayden traveled to the State House and served as an Honorary Student Page,” said Sen. Bailey. “Being in the ninth grade, he is starting to think about the classes he will take for the next few years, as well as what careers he might want to pursue. I hope that he considers government and public service. No matter what he decides, Maine will benefit from his skills and talents.”

On session days, the Senate Secretary’s Office manages the Honorary Page Program in the Maine State Senate. Open to students in third through twelfth grade, Honorary Pages perform various duties such as delivering messages; distributing documents within the Senate Chamber; interacting with State Senators; and – most importantly – taking part in a real world, legislative learning experience.

To sign up to serve as an Honorary Page, contact Alex Ferguson at (207) 287-1540 or

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