Migrants need legitimate path to citizenship

To the Editor:

Ted Sirois wrote a very interesting letter to the editor which appeared in the March 21 Courier. He immediately caught our attention when he referred to Elon Musk as an ‘Intellectual.’ Okay, so Elon is smart, but there is such a thing as being an ‘evil genius.’

Earlier in his opening paragraph Mr. Sirois stated “it’s reported” that the Biden administration has secretly flown 320,000 unvetted migrants into the US. If they used the largest passenger aircraft flying today, that would be about 850 passengers per flight, or about 375 flights! You would think someone would notice. We can guess where he gets his info.

Mr. Sirois then implies migrants were responsible for 9-11. He refers to a gun hoarder from Hebron and a felon from Biddeford who broke into a gun shop in Auburn as being somehow related to the threats migrants pose. We’re not sure of the point. Our gun laws are too lax? The Auburn store should have had more security?

If only there was a legitimate pathway to citizenship for migrant people. The GOP continues to obstruct bipartisan legislation on the issue. Why? Because their presumed presidential candidate wants to use migrants as the boogeyman centerpiece of his campaign. Mr. Sirois is correct in stating that this is a problem our politicians have created. They have consciously done so for their own political gain.

Karen and Bruce Martel

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