Why do so many Americans, especially the disenfranchised, vote against their self-interest? How can they still endorse a candidate like Trump, who obviously is a calculating con artist, whose sole ambition is to amass more wealth and influence, and who does not care about their struggles but only values their votes and monetary donations? One hears comments like: “He is one of us!” Hardly. Why does this misguided belief persist?

Most Americans despise the “swamp” and the “elites,” but Trump epitomizes them, and many of his donors are part of these groups. He is already talking about more tax breaks for corporations and the rich, and is eager to reverse or eliminate those regulations they oppose. While the rich get their investments back and thrive, resources for programs and services that support the less fortunate will be cut drastically, and safeguards for clean air, water and even the food supply will be weakened or eliminated. By undermining unions, he sabotages the worker’s fight for fair wages, better working conditions, adequate health care and financial stability.

Trump’s “tough guy” speeches, empty promises, and disingenuous concern for frustrated and hurting Americans neither create jobs nor solve the staggering economic inequality in this country. Shamelessly using people’s desperation and trust for his own selfish goals shows total disrespect for them and their plight, and lacks empathy.

Trump is not “one of them,” and anything but their savior. They deserve better.

Sigrid Fischer-Mishler

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